Registered Charity No: 265950


The Chetwode Foundation is a private charitable Trust, governed by Trustees.

The Foundation was founded in 1973 by a Nottinghamshire businessman whose vision was to help others by putting something back into the community which had contributed to the success of his business.

Our aim is to support charities that provide help to the most disadvantaged, under-privileged young people in the area, giving them opportunities to fulfil their potential, and benefit the wider community.

Projects can vary in size and we will consider new initiatives and ideas for our area.

For further information on our objectives please see Who we can help.

The Trustees complete a review of the grants criteria annually to give focus to grant-making decisions, concentrating on areas and charities where the grants can achieve the greatest impact.

The Chetwode Foundation is administered on a regular basis on behalf of the Trustees - see Contact us for details.