Registered Charity No: 265950


Please outline the project you have applied to the Chetwode Foundation for in no more than two pages of A4. You can attach additional relevant reading material (past projects for example) if it helps to explain how your project may work in practice.

In particular we are looking for:

  • A summary of what your organisation does and who it seeks to help.
  • A clear explanation of what your project will do to make a difference to disadvantaged and under-privileged young people; those with recession-related issues or local organisations that meet our objectives within Greater Nottingham and Nottinghamshire; or, for special projects, those people you seek to benefit.
  • A clear explanation of the grant amount requested.
  • A clear explanation of the desired outcomes, how you intend to monitor the project and measure its impact, success and quality. We will then require feedback on the impact the grant has made further to these measures.
  • Include a copy of your most recent annual report and accounts which comply with the Charity Commission requirements.
  • Include budgets for your project.
  • Clearly state where any balance of funding is coming from.

You can email or post your application form back to us (please see email and postal addresses on the Contact us tab) and we will contact you once it has been processed.

Please note: We do not give grants to individuals, national charities or overseas projects.

If we award you with a grant you must provide a receipt.