Registered Charity No: 265950

Nottingham YMCA

Youth Work

The youth work department of Nottinghamshire YMCA specialises in delivering creative arts and digital media provision to disadvantaged to young people in both the City and the County. We pride ourselves on offering unique and innovate programmes to young people from all ages and backgrounds. Our main aim is to use informal education as a tool to help teach young people new skills as well as valuable life skills.

The Aspley Centre YMCA

Also known as North West City YMCA, the Aspley Centre works in partnership with many organisations within the Aspley area. We provide an outstanding service to a variety of diverse groups, from all faiths and ethnicities. We run many effective activities and informal training programmes to help empower young people; providing a diverse range of innovative services and solutions that captivate and challenge hard to reach young people in areas of social deprivation.

Youth specific projects based at the Aspley Centre are...

The Zone Youth Project

Working with young people aged 11-19, on the streets, in the local schools and wherever young people gather in areas of Nottingham defined as being under multiple deprivation. It aims to interface with young people ‘at risk’ through street networking, school contact, drop-in facility and small interest groups. 

Nottingham City Youth Service (Area 3 Team)

The Youth Service is available for 11-25 year olds and ensures there are places to go, things to do and someone to talk to for young people in Nottingham.
Nottingham City Council's Youth Service has a dedicated team of youth workers who provide young people in Nottingham with:

  • Places to go - safe and welcoming;
  • Things to do - challenging and rewarding; and
  • Someone to talk to - trained, qualified and professional youth workers

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